Stream | Young Soles launch their Spring Summer 2017 collection
Stream client Young Soles, the award-winning luxury children’s footwear brand, is pleased to announce that its Spring Summer 2017 collection is now available for purchase on the high street and online. 
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Unlocking the Wellbeing DNA of Unilever

Stream have been working with partner agency VisMedia to help consumer brands giant, Unilever, to create engaging content for their UK Wellbeing employee roadshow. 


The Wellbeing team at Unilever have developed an app that captures all the wonderful facilities available to employees. To launch this app to the UK, the team wanted to create an engaging campaign that could be used to encourage employees to visit their Wellbeing roadshow and download the app.


Working with the Wellbeing team we created a creative theme based on the fact that Wellbeing has been a part of the DNA of Unilever since its inception in the 1890’s. We used vintage photography of Unilever employees taken from the archive to create a humorous poster campaign.


Working with our partner agency VisMedia we added a magic ingredient to these posters – Augmented Reality! When an employee downloaded a special app, and pointed their phone at the poster, it triggered an animation (also created by VisMedia) that explained one of the five Wellbeing Journey’s that are on offer to them. Once finished it then opened the new Wellbeing app.


The campaign has been a massive success so far, with high engagement with employees and downloads of the Wellbeing app. Read the Unilever LinkedIn post here.

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