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As a team of senior communications professionals, we offer a fresh perspective and an objective view of our clients’ business needs.
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What we do.

As a team of senior communications professionals, we offer a fresh perspective and an objective view of our clients’ business needs. Our primary aim is to help organisations get the foundations of branding, marketing and communications right in order to tell a compelling business story.



Ask 10 people what ‘branding’ is and you’ll probably get 10 different answers and therein lies the problem.


Branding is the unique set of reasons why a customer would seek you out or an employee might want to work for you rather than go to a competitor. Branding is a key weapon in modern business.


Whether it is creating a new brand or refreshing an existing one, we take a traditional strategic approach. We make sure we understand the current internal and external perception, the market place and the desired perception before we even start.




We are using the term ‘marketing’ in its very broadest sense.


By ‘marketing’, we mean identifying and engaging audiences with a multi-channel strategy tailored to their preferences and behaviours. This can be anything from a great social media campaign to hosting an international conference.


Through our own experience, skills and a suite of partner agencies, we have the knowledge, creativity and capabilities to plan, create and execute engaging and effective marketing campaigns.




Unlike many marketing agencies, Stream’s communication specialists have a PR background and a strong belief in the power of content.


In our experience, we believe content is, of course, still king. There is little point in being omnipresent across every channel if your content is poor or the channel is not right for your audience. We believe that your content should not only tell or sell, but is also communicated in a way that means your target audience will want to hear it, act on it and share it.


  • Branding

    • Insightful customer, company and market place research
    • Interactive analysis and feedback
    • Define a compelling brand story plus key messages
    • Identify the business position
    • Craft an engaging identity that works for the whole business
    • Ensure brand consistency across all touch points
    • Create templates and guidelines
    • Engage and educate employees

  • Marketing

    • Establish success criteria
    • Insightful audience research
    • Creative concept development
    • Identify the appropriate channels
    • Craft an engaging campaign
    • Multi-channel roll-out
    • Monitor and adjust

  • Communications

    • Establish success criteria
    • Insightful audience research
    • Define a compelling content strategy
    • Identify the appropriate channels
    • Craft engaging content
    • Distribute appropriately
    • Monitor and adjust