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A suite of impactful materials.

How we helped:
Change market perceptionIncrease engagement and loyalty
Reach new audiences

Established international real estate investment, services and fund management business Kennedy Wilson launched its European operation in 2011, with offices in Dublin, London and Madrid. In 2014 this entity listed on the London Stock Exchange as Kennedy Wilson Europe Real Estate Plc (KWE) and was the second largest real estate IPO in its history.


It was important that KWE used the successful heritage of its parent, but spoke with a European voice that reflected its local presence and had the relevant materials needed by a UK listed business.

What now?

Refocus and move forward.

Our brief was to create an Annual Report and Accounts and corporate website for Kennedy Wilson Europe Real Estate Plc (KWE) that was European in feel and communicated the value this newly listed business could bring its stakeholders. To do this the first thing we needed was a coherent story and messaging that clearly communicated to stakeholders why the business exists, what value it brings and its future potential. We did this by interviewing internal and external stakeholders, combined with research into the marketplace and competitors, from which we were able to identify key differentiators, develop the operational and business models, and build the KWE story and messaging.


Using this information we developed their first Annual Report and Accounts. The story lent itself to a sophisticated and clean presentation of the business which was incorporated into the design and was subsequently used across all corporate materials. KWE also had the challenge of being Jersey domiciled, so a major task was consulting on best practice for content, structure and pagination, ensuring that the report met the relevant regulations. This consultancy was particularly pertinent to the corporate governance section, which was almost entirely put together by our team of governance content specialists. The Annual Report was artworked and edited using remote editing software which allowed for quick reviews, feedback and auditable version control from the global KWE team.


Once the Annual Report and Accounts was printed and distributed, our attention turned to the KWE web presence. Using the corporate narrative and key information requirements we created a simple and intuitive website architecture. The design was based on the look that had been previously established. The website was built on an off-the-shelf content management system that met the content update requirements and supported the internal resources available. The website was created so that it adapts according to the device it is viewed on – be it desktop, tablet or mobile.

The Annual Report and Accounts was roundly received and performed its primary function of communicating who Kennedy Wilson Europe Real Estate Plc (KWE) is, its place in the market and why it is well placed to take advantage of market potential and deliver strong returns. It also sets a benchmark for future corporate reports. The website provides an easy to use framework that allows KWE to tell its story as it grows.


KWE now has a comprehensive suite of sophisticated corporate materials that reflect the aspirations of the business, tell its story and are targeted to its intended audience.

A three-year plan.

How we helped:

Company, market and investor insight

Strategic positioning and framework

Identity development

Identity implementation across print, web and presentations

Corporate reporting