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Changing the perception of a forgotten part of town.

We helped:
Change market perceptionIncrease engagement and loyalty
Reach new audiences

The redevelopment of the surrounding regions of Stratford and Docklands had cast a long shadow over Poplar, East London. Following the development of a five-year strategic development plan by Poplar HARCA (the Housing and Regeneration Community Association for the area) it was felt that it was time for Polar to find its voice.


A voice that can communicate Poplar as a better place, a place that attracts people to live, visit and work.

More than just a five-year plan.

A place for the people, by the people.

It was important from the start that the activity for Poplar was created in consultation and owned by the local community. If we didn’t have their input and buy-in, then anything we did was destined to fail. From autumn 2012 to summer 2013 we conducted workshops with hundreds of people living, working and investing in Poplar. Collecting some very interesting and strong views!


Using this information Stream created a brand framework that defined a purpose, vision, values and personality for Poplar. It was important that the brand celebrated Poplar’s heritage, its confidence, authenticity and desire for a bright future.


We created an identity to bring the new brand framework to life. The identity had to be confident enough to do something different than all the other “London” place brands. We chose to “disemvowel” Poplar, creating PPLR, a social-friendly word that kept the heritage of Poplar but reinforces the confidence. This was further emphasised through the creation of a bold typographical treatment for the text that can be used as a container, an overlay or work with an affiliate brand. As the identity does not have a traditional logo, we created a toolkit of elements that can be used to create a consistent experience that is instantly recognisable. This is made up of a graphical device based on a stylised version of a map of Poplar, an imagery style and a tone of voice.


To promote the brand we launched the myPPLR campaign across social media channels, encouraging local residents to let us know what Poplar means to them.

We built a brand website ( that houses the brand framework and guidance on how to use the identity. This includes downloadable assets that enable the local community to take ownership of PPLR and adapt it for their own use and upload to the website.


This is complemented by a series of videos of local residents speaking about “their” Poplar and a social media aggregator that collates and displays all #PPLR and myPPLR mentions in real time.

A living brand toolkit.

How we helped:

Community engagement

Brand positioning and framework

Identity creation

Identity implementation across print, web, events, outdoor, traditional & social media

Campaign rollout