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Developing a responsible business strategy for an international hotel group.

How we helped:
Change market perceptionGrow the business
Reach new audiencesIncrease engagement and loyalty

The United Nations designated 2017 as the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development. Travel and tourism creates jobs, drives exports, and generates prosperity across the world. The sector provides 292 million jobs, which accounts for 1 in 10 jobs in the global workforce. By 2027, it is anticipated that travel and tourism will be supporting over 380 million jobs, as it continues to grow its economic contribution.


So it’s more important now, than perhaps ever, that businesses in the travel and tourism sector have a robust responsible and sustainable business strategy, to ensure they are having a positive impact on the world and taking advantage of growth opportunities as they present themselves.


Since PPHE Hotel Group was established in 1989, it has grown into a highly dynamic, multi-brand owner and operator of hotels, restaurants, bars and spas across several countries in Europe. With this growth comes an increased level of responsibility to guests, team members, partners, shareholders and the communities in which it operates.


The management team of PPHE Hotel Group therefore approached us to work with them to further define and improve its group-wide Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy and activity.

Local activity, global impact.

CSR and beyond.

Staying true to its Vision of ‘Realising our Growth Potential’, PPHE Hotel Group committed to building upon the corporate social responsibility (CSR) activity of previous years to create a long-term sustainable and rewarding responsible business model.


The Group has always focused on making a difference in preserving the environment for future generations, positively impacting people’s lives and the local communities in which it operates. It has achieved this through active involvement in several sustainability initiatives as well as community and charity focused activities driven by a commitment to its people, communities and environment programmes. What it needed was a strategy and framework to unify this activity for the benefit of all parties.


The first stage of activity was to ascertain the internal perception of the Group’s responsible business activity, along with an audit of current CSR activity at corporate and operational level from region to region. This was sourced through a combination of desktop research, online surveys of team members and one-on-one interviews with the Group’s Executive and Management teams.


The insights from the research were presented to a core development team with representatives from all parts of the Group and regions across a two-day workshop, where we also presented our recommendations for the PPHE Hotel Group Responsible Business purpose, mission, key areas of activity and audience focus.


The output from the workshop shaped the development of a Responsible Business strategy and narrative. The focus was to build upon the existing activity, but to arrange it in a way that was relevant to a growing hospitality business and will be simple to expand and develop as the Group fulfils its growth potential.


The resulting responsible business strategy, named “Responsible Experiences”, is supported by four pillars of activity:


  • Inspiring guests
  • Creating centres of excellence
  • Developing our people
  • Being part of our communities


Each pillar outlines areas of activity within the Group and its audience focus, how it supports key business objectives, its future success and enables the Board and interested stakeholders to monitor progress in each of these areas.


The next stage of activity was to set measures in each pillar and engage stakeholders to identify the most material aspects of activity.


Working with the core development team we used current activity and existing Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) frameworks to develop a set of goals with supporting measures and methods under each pillar. The aim is to use 2018 to set a baseline for the measures and to report year-on-year on the progress for achieving the goals. There is scope for each goal to developed or added to as the Group’s operations and activities develop.


The third area of activity was to engage with PPHE Hotel Group’s internal and external stakeholders to ascertain their view on the importance of the areas covered in the pillars to the Group, their business and the world in general. This was performed via three online surveys: one to team members, one to guests and one to a selection of important partners. Using the results of this enabled us to set priorities and ensure the Group’s reporting is up-to-date. Repeating this activity year-on-year will ensure that the strategy continues to be relevant.

The next step for the Group is to roll out the goals, measures and methods internally. We are working with HR, communications and operations to develop internal systems to ensure all measurement commitments can be met. We are also working with HR to educate team members and develop the Responsible Experiences activity using their feedback.


The long-term objective of the Group is to develop a strategy and activity that can be measured against globally recognised ESG’s and use the data to celebrate successes and identify areas for improvement.

Responsible Experiences today and tomorrow.

How we helped:

Community, sector and organisation analysis

Strategy and framework development

Internal and external engagement

Identity and materials creation

Rollout and organisational development