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We are a collection of senior consultants with over 20 years’ experience of working together. We offer a blend of broad skills that combine the best of branding, marketing and communications.
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Positioning and creating a marketing strategy for a P2P start-up.

How we helped:
Launch your businessIncrease engagement and loyalty
Identify your target marketGrow your business
Reach new audiences

The UK’s peer-to-peer lending market has trebled in size in just three years. Third quarter data from the P2PFA shows peer-to-peer lenders lent over £900million in three quarters of 2014 and were on route to lend over £1billion in total by the end of the year.


A new entrant to the market in 2014, QuidCycle, had created a debt consolidation online peer-to-peer lending platform with favourable rates for borrowers and savers. This newly launched business needed positioning within the UK market and its brand and offer needed aligning to speak to an appropriate target audience in order to meet the company’s ambitious growth strategy.

New money.

Helping families achieve financial success.

The first area of activity for Stream was to conduct an analysis of the business strategy to identify its current and future (desired) position in the market. We then needed to identify a customer base of borrowers and lenders that met the qualification criteria, would kick-start the loan-book and build the foundations to bring lenders and borrowers together, providing better rates for both parties. We partnered with CallCredit, QuidCycle’s credit reference agency and provider of Cameo segmentation data to profile target borrower and lenders.


Using this information, we worked with the QuidCycle management team to create a business position for QuidCycle. Values, behaviours and messaging were developed to support the positioning, taking into consideration the competitive marketplace as well as the desired consumer appetite with which to tell the brand story.


Finally, we worked with the QuidCycle marketing team to develop a content and marketing strategy. The marketing activity included improving the user journey and look-and-feel of the QuidCycle website, incorporating key messages to help enhance SEO performance, direct response advertising and email campaigns, brand advertising, speaker/event opportunities, an aggregator strategy and social media marketing across Twitter, Facebook and Google+.


The QuidCycle Press Office was set up to complement the above-the-line marketing activity, including media briefings with top tier personal finance journalists.

The positioning and messaging resonated well with the national media, especially the focus on UK middle-income families working together.


The direct response and brand marketing increased traffic to the online platform.


QuidCycle’s reputation amongst the peer-to-peer community has continued to grow through speaker opportunities and affiliations.


As a direct response to the aggregator strategy, has agreed a commercial referrals model. We also established relationships with the Money Advice Service, a core advocate in developing support and awareness of QuidCycle’s financial education offer.

In the black.

How we helped:

Launch your business

Identify your target market

Reach new audiences

Increase engagement and loyalty

Grow your business