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Introducing a new strategy to an international business.

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Change market perceptionIncreased engagement and loyalty
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The purchase of long-standing client The Rezidor Hotel Group by US travel business Carlson led to the creation of the tenth largest hotel group in the world and a change in senior management. The new management team conducted a comprehensive review of the business and its operations.


This review resulted in the company strategy being refocused based on a four-fold framework of activity: Develop our talent, Delight our guests, Drive the business and Deliver results – named the 4D Strategy.


The new strategy needed to be communicated to internal and external audiences.

A change at the top.

What do we mean by 4D?

An international hotel group, Rezidor has over 35,000 members of staff with more than 140 nationalities in 69 countries across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. From cleaners to clerical staff, it was critical that everybody fully understood the new strategy in order to be truly impactful.


Starting by simplifying the 4D’s and identifying the resultant operational effects of the business, we provided the new guidelines for launch at their senior management Annual Business Conference (ABC). We worked with the Rezidor communications team on the CEO’s launch presentation and created a custom-built smart phone app dedicated to the requirements of the ABC meeting. In order to help with employee rollout, all attendees were surveyed following the ABC to gauge their understanding of the messages.


For employee rollout, hotel managers and regional heads were equipped with a presentation for staff members and a video on the intranet of the CEO explaining the strategy. Posters explaining the key points of the 4D strategy were displayed in staff areas and each member of staff was given a booklet-sized 4D “passport”. A dedicated staff magazine was created and distributed to every hotel, outlining the activity from the ABC and explaining how the strategy was already being implemented and the benefits it was creating.


The Rezidor Hotel Group operates on a management and franchise basis, so the owners of the hotels are critical to the growth of the business. We then worked with the Rezidor communications team to create a presentation that explained the benefits of the 4D strategy and how it would fuel development for their businesses.


Finally, the strategy was shared with external audiences and shareholders. Together we created a PR toolkit for all the hotels, ensuring they maximise media opportunities. The strategy was explained in detail on the corporate website, supported by a video and downloadable factsheets in various languages, and in the annual report.

The strategy is now engrained in all the activity of the business and staff surveys demonstrate it is widely understood. It guides all the internal communication initiatives that have recently been introduced, included an employee value proposition, women in leadership programme and a business school for employees.


The business is on target to reach its EBITDA margin of 12% and making a profit.

Developed. Driven. Delighted. Delivered.

How we helped:

International employee engagement

Brand story development

Internal and external communications

Materials creation across print, digital, video and events

International rollout