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We are a collection of senior consultants with over 20 years’ experience of working together. We offer a blend of broad skills that combine the best of branding, marketing and communications.
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Increasing the reach of an online retailer.

How we helped:
Identify the target marketGrow your business
Reach new audiencesIncreased engagement and loyalty

Established by Tom Gilbey, from the well-known wine family, The Vintner had grown steadily over a few years mainly concentrating on corporate clients. A key component of the business’s growth strategy was to increase private sales via their eCommerce website and their hosted events.


The Vintner needed a plan to achieve this next stage of
their growth.

What now?

Refocus and move forward.

The Vintner was already a successful business, so it was important that any activity took full advantage of what was currently working and to complement it. The Vintner had a very strong proposition of 100 wines all under £30.


We worked closely with the management team to review their existing customer base uncovering the needs that were met and exploring why and how their customers currently purchased from them. Using this information we defined a brand story that resonated with “middle Britain” and set The Vintner apart from the crowd. The brand story, bringing great wines home, was used to define the customer experience primarily through three main streams of activity.


The first stream was to create a three-year marketing plan. The plan clearly defined each channel of activity with deliverables and targets ensuring that all activity is measurable and consistent with the brand story and the aims of the business.


The second stream was to refresh the identity and marketing materials of the business. It was important that the visuals and language used supported the brand story resonating with the “middle Britain” target audience. Drawing on a authentic and tactile approach we used heritage UK printed materials with a modern twist as our inspiration for the tone, look and style, using classic and contemporary visual elements to give a familiar printed feel even on digital materials. We created brand and identity guidelines to ensure a clear understanding of how the new identity should be implemented.


The third and final stream was to overhaul the eCommerce website which is the main platform for sales. We performed a complete analysis of current traffic and using our 20 years experience in website development proposed a new structure and design. We worked with the incumbent build agency to develop a new website that showcases the wine and communicates the vibrant personality of the business.

Since the launch of the marketing plan and the new identity we have created advertising, printed and digital wine lists, a newspaper for customers called the Vintner Standard, a monthly digest, a customer loyalty scheme, eMarketing templates, videos, event brochures, gifts, sponsorship materials and office branding. The Vintner also commissioned an own-brand wine for which we designed the wine label.


The result of this on-going activity has not only been an attractive set of consistent, targeted multi-channel marketing materials, but also a measured uplift in sales as a result of the marketing activity, an amplified awareness of The Vintner’s offer and an increase in the positive reputation of the brand.

A three-year plan.

How we helped:

Consumer research

Brand framework development

Identity creation

Identity implementation across print, web, packaging, events & social media

5 year marketing and communications strategy