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Launching a new UK luxury footwear brand.

We helped:
Launch the businessGrow the business
Identify the target marketIncrease engagement and loyalty
Reach new audiences

Experienced shoe designer Louise Shill approach Stream with the concept of a new children’s footwear brand to meet a potential gap in the market for classic UK styles with a modern twist.


Having designed an initial collection and secured a factory in Portugal to make them, she needed to brand the new company, obtain wholesale orders and launch it in the UK and internationally to footwear consumers.

A potential gap in the market.

Best foot forward.

Stream investigated the current chidren’s footwear market, including potential competitor brands, media activity and target audiences, confirming that there was a gap in the luxury children’s market for a UK centric brand with a modern twist.


Working with the brand name, Young Soles, we helped Louise define the brand story and proposition, ensuring that differentiated the brand from its competitors, but resonated with the target audience.


We created the identity for Young Soles, drawing on classic UK fashion heritage, but also ensuring that we did not lose the luxury feel we were looking to convey. It was important that the logotype and roundel we developed worked as well on marketing materials as it did on the shoes.


To continue the heritage theme defined in the brand story all marketing materials were created with a nostalgic feel including the shoebox packaging which was created in the style of a classic suitcase.
The creation of good photography was critical. For the first shoot and for subsequent shoots we have worked with photographers to ensure that the styling and finished shots reflected the brand story.


To launch the brand to stockists we created a wholesale website, printed catalogue and lookbook and developed a a trade PR programme, using an industry event, Bubble in London, as the platform for launch. This activity has been replicated for following season launches at trade shows across Europe.


To launch to the general public we created an eCommerce website to sell directly to customers. The content and marketing strategy are based around seasonal events and is integrated across social media channels which are crucial for the target audience.


We also ran traditional marketing initiatives such as competitions to collect data and build a community for ongoing communications.

The launch saw near 20 stockists take Young Soles across the UK, Europe and the USA. The industry buzz surrounding the brand was so great that the top Children’s sales representatives in the UK, France and Germany asked to represent the brand.


The brand is currently stocked in nearly 100 stockists across over 20 countries worldwide including leading children’s fashion retailers in UK, Europe, Asia and Australia.


The brand has gained strong industry recognition with awards from MilK and Junior magazines and highly commended from Drapers magazine.


The consumer launch targeted key fashion magazines, nationals and blogs gaining an overwhelming amount of coverage. The reaction from all media has been fantastic and continues to perform strongly and is regularly featured in editorials across trade publications, UK and international newspapers and magazines and luxury fashion media.


Young Soles has gained a large community of followers across social media channels and is regularly contacted by leading bloggers, vloggers and instagrammers wanting to feature the brand.


The brand has also built a strong mailing list with regular communication and offers sent to nearly 10,000 people worldwide.

In vogue.

How we helped:

Consumer research

Brand framework development

Identity creation and implementation across print, web, packaging, events, traditional & social media

Trade and consumer launch

Ongoing multi-audience engagement

Ongoing marketing and media programmes

Ongoing b2b sales outreach